Additional Internship Web Sites

After College

A career network that connects college students and entry-level job seekers with employers through faculty and career networks at colleges and universities. Also, posting summer jobs and internships

Associations of Zoos and Acquariums

AZA has a network of more than 6,000 committed zoo and aquarium professionals, organizations, and suppliers world-wide!

Biology (Summer Internships)

Listings include: Internships in New York City; Biomedical laboratory research; Ecology and Environmental Sciences; Marine Biology; plus more.

Campus Career Center

A database that provides a variety of career and internship listings including resource articles.

Feminist Career Center

Select the Career Center Feminist button. Includes positions with Feminist and Progressive organizations.

The Idealist

Nonprofit Career Center on the Web, hundreds of job and internship listings.


A national database of internships and entry-level positions for students and recent graduates. Click on Jobs and select USA to search for jobs in the US.

Intern Match

An online ecosystem committed entirely to internships.

Thousands of listings from across the USA. You will need to join this site, it's FREE and takes a few minutes join.