Virtual Dedicated Hiring

Focus on your core business and let Dreams Studios take the responsibility on the virtual staffing service for you and see it in action. This service will give you the maximum productive result of your business at minimal cost.

Does the routine management of staffs for your business deviate you from the core of the business? Then hire virtual employee that our company provides you and overcome the last hurdle. Moreover, gives you an opportunity to remain one-step forward in the world of business

Dreams Studios Offers You To Hire Our Experts

  • Dedicated Web Developer
  • Dedicated Web Designer
  • Dedicated SEO Expert
  • Dedicated Content Writer
  • Senior PHP Programmers
  • Senior Programmers
  • Mobile Application Developer
Roles Available
Full time Hiring - 8 Hours
Hourly Hiring
Back Office Services
Data Entry $800.00/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Sales & Support Assistant $1,000.00/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Junior Web Designers (HTML / Graphics / Flash / Photoshop) $1,200.00/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Senior Web Designers (Good knowledge of Wordpress / Joomla / Drupal) $1,500.00/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Standard PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer $1,800.00/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Proficient PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer ( All Rounder ) $2,000.00/month $18/hr ( No Commitments )
Expert PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux Programmer $2,000.00/month $22/hr ( No Commitments )
iPhone / Android Mobile Application Developer $2,000.00/month $20/hr ( No Commitments )
Facebook Developer $1,350.00/month $18/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time SEO Specialist $1,200.00/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time SEM Specialist $1,000.00/month $15/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time Content Writer $1,200.00/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
Full time Link Builder $800.00/month $12/hr ( No Commitments )
All Rounder SEO Specialist $1,500.00/month $20/hr ( No Commitments )